Prusa Face Shield RC3 (PPE)




Prusa RC3 Face Sheild (PPE) – We’re following the guidelines per: – There seems to be no official policy on Face Shield specifications so please leave a comment in your procurement request if you have specific needs for the clear plastic facemask part.

If you can provide printing services, please register with us.


We’ll print or find local printers in your area to source Medical Shields based upon the Prusa Printers Rc3 Design.

These products are being printed by ourselves and volunteers. We will use our volunteer 3D Printing community to try and source printers that are local to your request.

These items are all printed on demand. Your order will help us communicate with our volunteers and help them target printing for those that need/request them. Thank you!

This specific design is best for printers with PETG for its flexibility.


Printer Notes:

Printed at 30% Infill

Stacked 4 High

Plastic sheets are normally .5mill (0.02″) PETG sheets but it is hard to come by so a lot of people are using transparency sheets and A4 Acetate sheets.  A US 3 hole punch can be adapted to punch the holes (flip) and punch again to fit these bands. Please leave a comment in your order to let us know if you require specific face-shield features.

Order Note:

By ordering, you are requesting the assistance of volunteer printers to help print facial masks for your organization. These volunteers will follow the guidelines set forth with the masks approved and used by many hospitals already. They will be sanitized with  IPA or a bleach mixture as per the guidelines from CDC and sanitation methods described .  We cannot guarantee delivery of orders, however, we will work with you to use the enthusiastic 3D printing community to help you as much as we can. THANK YOU!

There is no limit on order. You can request 1 or more. If you are seeking a unit to test for approval, please order only what you need to seek approval. Once you have approval for masks, we can help you source more as needed.


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