Free 3D Printing

If there is one thing I can do, it’s at least help people out. I love 3D printing. I’d love to make a business out of it and thrive with my passion, but more importantly – I want to help people with 3D Printing.

From this day, until further notice. All 3D Printing jobs are “Free”.  I’ve switched to quote mode rather than buy now mode to be able to manage requests. I’m not entirely sure if there is much public interest or not, but I want to be able to help and this is one small way I can help.

I only ask that you submit printables with respect for others. I will refuse orders for Mandalorian helmets, but maybe I’ll send you a baby Yoda 😉 I’ve only got so much capacity, but whatever I have, it’s there for y’all!

All I ask is that S&H is paid for. If you request multiple prints, I’ll try and stash them in the same box.

I plan on doing this as much as we can through these coming days.

I hope I can print a lot of tools, hobby items, educational items and anything that can help you through these days.

I’ve set S&H to $5.95 just to help cover my USPS fees. I’m using USPS exclusively for the time being since boxes are abundant and capability is there for receiving boxes without having to travel.

Request your 3D Print.

If you’re interested in offering print services in your neighborhood, please leave a comment below. If people find this service of value I’ll quickly work on building out services to help connect more local printers with local people.

Thank you!

We’re all in this together. Together we will beat this.

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